Can you recognise your reflection?

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Did you know that your influence in this world is bigger than you believe?

People will follow in your footsteps. Human nature has taught us to follow. No matter what you do, good or bad, there’s no reason to hide from yourself or your dreams.

You will soon reflect and recognise that your influence is the same influence you can find in someone else. It’s the same feeling you get when somebody else inspires you. Once you notice your influence on somebody, it’s hard to recognise it as your own.

When people do as you do, especially when it’s something you know they shouldn’t be doing, you will notice yourself comparing situations and creating exceptions. This is your energy reflecting. Without comparison, there’s no exciting better.  Without better, there’s nothing, so learn and grow together, be proud of yourself. The good and bad are all experiences we need to promote personal change.

If you make excuses for your behavior, your influence will frighten you. Don’t stop being yourself because your reflection is something you don’t recognise when presented in the form of another person. Instead, take responsibility and be ready to grow with yourself. Before every butterfly comes a caterpillar. But don’t forget about the cacoon you created to help start the spiral of transformation and achievement. We are all creatures of similarity and repetition, patterns are easy to continue but change is always what our nightmares are made of.

The way you paint the story is the only dividing difference.

Dream a bigger dream…