The Whimsical Nonsense of my Abstract Thoughts

I’ve been here before, have you?

I want to believe the solace thoughts I’ve had imprinted; just like how tagging cattle creates an identity, my thoughts brand me.

I was pure; you were too. It’s how we choose to continue our learning that changes that.

I’ve always belonged to somebody. We always have if you shift perception. Whether it be our family, our school or our work. Sometimes we keep where we belong, sometimes we change, sometimes they change; regardless of our control. No matter what happens, we are always searching for our place, branding ourselves by expanding ourselves. But creating life isn’t about bringing a child into the world, it’s about living comfortably in your creation.

We live in a socially connected world where our emotions are never the same as somebody else’s due to our perception of those emotions. Is this connection what we need? As much as we try to relate to how others feel, there’s an incoherent disconnect in what we naturally crave and how we explain the captured correlations between them. Our brand is connection.

Together we are the future, the past and the present; we are all storytellers here. Our lives and how we enjoy our time in the world we created internally are promised through stories shared in reminiscence or goals externally. Nostalgia plays an important part in the creation of safety and hope; it’s about how we progress from there. Learning to accept or reject, it’s always about connection. You can never be that age again and you will never get to experience your stories physically again. How do you recreate them through your choice of words and actions? You only get one chance to experience them, but a lifetime to relay them to the other people you want to belong to. Choose carefully how you want the message portrayed, we can’t see through your eyes but we will try if you tell it right.

Nothing is true; do you control your life? Nothing is false; does your life control you? I’ve been here before, have you?

Together we are the future, the past and the present; we are all storytellers here.

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