Inspiration, the gateway to success.

Often we catch ourselves giving up before we try. It’s always been so easy to tell people what you want to accomplish, but the words alone hype the feeling of satisfaction. Subconsciously the positive reinforcement from others is recognised as an accomplishment in our brain. We usually don’t put the effort in unless somebody else recommends or encourages us to do so.

I’ve always wanted to be able to inspire people to fulfill their dreams and passions. It’s a powerful feeling being inspired. That singular emotion is probably my favourite. With passion comes dedication and with dedication comes actions. Inspiration is something you give to somebody else, not something you create on your own. It’s the power of having somebody else believe you can, that turns the passion into dedication. This is why we often find ourselves giving up on the thoughts we already received recognition and praise for. When people believe in you, you push yourself. When they congratulate you, you sit comfortably, the reward is already received.

If you inspire somebody else to achieve their dreams, you yourself, realise how much can be accomplished if you put your mind to work. As long as you have support and a strong will to succeed you can accomplish absolutely anything that comes your way. The words you speak to others become you.

If we all just believed in everybody else more, together we would become a powerful force that can change the world for the better. Self-doubt is a mirror image of doubt in others. If you can’t trust somebody else to succeed, you can’t trust yourself to either. Somewhere along the way, I think society got too caught up in their individual success; too much greed in wealth that we created an unrealistic vision that success is only measured by the amount of money you make each week. We stopped being unique and started being caught in the web of time, fearful that other people are going to climb the ladder and replace us. Success isn’t about how long you stay number one, it’s about how you handle the criticism and accept that we are all human. We all deserve the inspiration and drive. We all should be supporting each other in the smaller achievements that separate us from just the economical rat race. You possess great skill in what you do for profit, but don’t let that role be all you progress in. Life’s too short to be ambitious in only one field of profession.

You will only ever feel success when you can respectively recognise the achievements other people have made. If you can congratulate yourself for all your hard work, you definitely should be able to appreciate the people still running to get ahead. Keep running! Don’t ever give up.

You are the words you speak to others. Competition is healthy, but appreciation is free.

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